BLM Gets Sweet Karma for Attacking Trump Supporters in D.C.


    There is a lot to be said about the people that hate law and order. Every single one of them would identify themselves as a liberal. They all hate conservatives because they believe that it is unfair that they have money, and the criminals do not.

    The most significant difference between the liberal felons and people that work hard is the American dream. Everyone has the same opportunity in life.

    The Democrats are not shy about attacking Trump supporters. Every time the two groups have come face to face, the liberals get violent and try to harm all the peaceful supporters. The loony liberals need to learn that crime does not pay.

    Some of them even cry out that the police target them and no one else. But that is only true because they are the only ones that are being violent. The law applies to every single person. And the only ones that get into trouble are the people that break the law.

    When there are many violent people, it may seem that many of them get off the hook. But life seems to have a way of repaying hate with justice. And that is what many of the violent liberals are beginning to find out.

    Several Trump supporters were attacked by radicals progressive Democrats as they assembled to show their support for the president. The mafia-style tactics they used were to target the elderly and threaten families with kids. But they would soon find out that there are consequences for their actions.

    Law and order will always prevail. These people that came out just to hurt Trump supporters would soon be paid a visit by the police. They would not be able to get away with Nazi theology very long.

    Some of the things that happened would include a man being punched from the back, which led to him falling to the ground unconscious. In another case, a woman would then kick him as the man laid on the ground. The man then was robbed by two other women that stole his phone. They would laugh at him and leave him on the ground with no help.

    The man that hit the peaceful supporter was Kenneth Deberry. He is a man that is a registered sex offender. He supports Black Lives Matter and hates the president because he is a Republican. Deberry is just a prime example of the company that the liberals love to keep.

    Democrats at all levels believe they are above the law. The woman that kicked the man and the ones that stole his phone would soon find out what jail looks like on the inside. They did not count on there being video of their attacks.

    Jorge Ventura and Kalen Scriberr video recorded the entire event. That video would be the proof the police needed to make the arrests. The four micro brains that were arrested found out the hard way that they cannot do whatever they want to do to people.

    The great thing about that night is that 20 people in total were taken into custody. That means that 20 fewer liberals are running around, causing trouble.

    Two of the people arrested had weapons on them at the time of their arrest. Bobby Smalls had a knife in his pocket. Dashawna Gause had a taser in her possession. These are people that started the fights and would not hesitate to use their weapons.

    One of the attackers of the man was still at large. This woman also attacked others in the crowd.

    Americans are fighting back against the pointless violence filling the streets. In one incident, a BLM and Antifa supporting woman threatened people with a knife. It did not go well for her as two people took her down and confiscated the knife. She would also end up in possession of the police and got to spend the night in jail.

    President Trump protected the country. Joe Biden and his socialist choice for vice president are planning on empowering the criminals to ramp up their crime spree. The country cannot afford to have Biden at the helm. That is why the president is fighting hard to expose the fraud that comes with the name Biden.


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